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Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment
Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment

Handyman Services

Client contacted us for some home repairs from our handyman. Our handman services were able to assist. We replaced several rotted exterior window trimming, recualked all the windows of the home, and reset some exiting pavers that had settled below the grade of the driveway.

Deland,FL Client contacted EPM for handyman services. Client had a fence that had basically fallen over. After our inspection the issue was found to be a rotten post. Now typically post do not rot in the time she had mentioned that the fence had been put up. This is usually because of sub par or untreated lumber purchaced at a discount. After even further inspection the post was actually never set right. There was no footer or concrete in the post hole. The client advised that the fence company who installed the post assured here that they did this but in actuality they had not. We were able to rectify the current situation and replace the bad post and reuse her existing panels. The client has been in contact withour company ever since and plans on having EPM replace the entire row of post in the future.

This addition was constructed for our client in Bunnell FL after a small fire pit reignited overnight and consumed part of her original decking.Thankfully no one was hurt. After removing the chared sections, additional footers and support beams were installed and the patio was extended another 5 feet. At the clients request a vinyl railing was installed and she can now enjoy her patio once again.

The above is actually two separate job sites but same type project. From years of expansion and contraction of outside patio area ceilings, the original joint tape starts to fail and shows through the compound making the appearance less than desirable. The old tape was removed. New fiber tape installed and in these cases above a more permanent solution of plaster instead of joint compound was used to retexture the area. After 24 hours the ceilings were sealed with primer and paint giving the ceiling a fresh and completed appearance. 

On the Block barber shop located in Bunnell, FL contacted us to help put the finishing touches to an addition inside the shop. The wall was constructed by an employee of the shop, but he lacked the tools to finish the project. EPM stepped in to help out. Adding a top shelf for decor options with crown moulding for a classy look. We we able to keep the flow of the room by continuing the chair rail and floor moulding throughout. The moulding was primed on site and paint was finished by owner after we completed the project (not pictured).

This is a built on site 20 year shed. This build took us to the owner’s home city of Fort Lauderdale. Building code in Fort Lauderdale is much different than here in Northern Florida. This shed is Hurricane rated from the existing 6" slab to the roofing nails used. Completely built from scratch this 8x 10 shed replaced an old dilapidated store purchased model that was barely standing. The original shed housed the owner’s clothes washer and dryer as well as storage. The owner was looking for a bit more sturdy and reliable with additional outside storage for ladders and wheel barrows. After demolition of the original structure we found that there was no addition wooden fencing being or to the side of the structure as originally thought. We were able to quickly put in a new one so the owner could maintain his as well as his neighbors privacy. The low pitch of the roof made it possible to give the owner his additional ceiling height and keeping the structure to a 8x10 profile allowed for the additional room needed around the building for plenty of outside storage. The material of the shed is made from all pressure treated lumber, stainless fasteners, galvanized hurricane straps from top to bottom, and Hardie board siding. This build took 1 week with two people at 10 hours a day. The plumbing, electrical and drywall was subbed out to other contractors after EPM completed this project. 

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