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Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment
Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment


Hedge and tree trimming for a new homeowner in Palm Coast. property was very neglected prior to purchase. A little time and skill can bring out the beauty of an already existing landscaping design.

A recent Rock install for a client who just couldnt get grass to grow on the side of there home. after many fustrating months of watering fertilizing and hours spent outside Encompass was called in to help mitigate the issue. This simple fix was exactly what the client wanted.

A small landscape design to spuce up a new fence and gateway, as well as design and create a new spot for clients grill area. Two Potocarprus were removed from the new grill site and were used in the new enryway as part of the design. A small area for a potted plant was also created to showcase her own style of landscaping.

Client contacted us for a small palm tree trimming, and a Philidendrom pruning. We found a small Gardinia inside the over grown Philidendrom and it became more of a focus after the job was completed.

Client contacted us to trim an overgrown hedge. Straight forward project, consiting of a few hours of chainsaw work and some finish pruning. All clippings and debris were removed from property and hauled off to the dump.

Client contacted EPM for a sod intallation located in Ormond Beach, FL.  The ground was preppped with a top kill spray prior to our arrival. The dead grass and weeds were tilled and removed. 4800 sq ft. of fresh Floratam sod was installedto give new life to this properties back yard.

This is a reconditioning of an existing garden bed in Palm Coast, FL. The client was having an issue with mulch floating away during heavy rain. The project started with encroaching grass over the cement border, and years of added mulch that had caused the border to be so ineffective the client added plastic border to try to keep it in (picture unavailable). The inside of the garden bed was carved out to make room for new mulch. A fresh edge was given to the cement border. New French style drainage was added to the beds to allow a transition of flow from one bed to the other and out into the lawn. A potted Sago palm was placed out front and had started to take root; it was replanted in a more significant pot and used inside the garden as decor. A rock catch was installed to the corner of the front entryway that showed a significant issue from rain eroding the soil from a lack of gutters. A treatment of pre-emergent was applied throughout the beds.  Fresh medium pine bark was used to fill the beds to complete the project. New foliage will be added in the spring at the request of the client.

This project was an entire exterior renovation located in Ormond Beach, FL. The client wanted this old deck removed and a yard put in so that he could rent the property.  Many of the flower beds were overgrown and the exterior needed sprucing up. After the deck and old fence were removed , a new fence was installed. The land was hand leveled. New sod and plants were installed. All of the overgrown beds were cutback and weeded. New mulch and rock were applied. A small simple step was made to the addition of the home to allow ease of access to the new back yard. An upgrade to the current irrigation system was also needed. The home was then pressure cleaned and minor repairs to the exterior were made. 

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