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Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment
Adding Value To Your Biggest Investment

Pool Service

Pool cleaning
  • Water Testing - During each visit the water is tested to assure that all chemicals in pool are at an equal balance and safe for recreational activities. Certain types of bacteria can grow with an unbalanced pool and can be harmful to anyone who uses it.


  • Deck and Coping Inspection - Pool decks especially the coping will deteriorate over time. The entire area around the pool is inspected for deterioration and repairs discussed with the client.


  • Pump Inspection - We insure the pump is in proper working order. This includes leak check and pressure check.


  • Skimming - the surface of the pool can accumulate leaves and other debris. Prior to any cleaning this top coat is removed from the pool and dumped by our pool cleaners.


  • Netting - Leaves and other debris will gather at the bottom of the pool and decomposition is accelerated by the pool chemicals. Netting will remove all large debris prior to cleaning.


  • Brushing - The pool sides and bottom are brushed thoroughly removing any staining or growth on walls and floor.


  • Vacuuming - The pool needs to be vacuumed to remove the smaller debris and other loose growth left from brushing.


  • Filter and Strainer Cleaning - The filter is removed and cleaned. Strainer basket is inspected and debris is removed to insure adequate pump flow.



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